Open House this Friday!

6 Sep

Get ready!! All are invited to come tour the theme houses and learn more about our plans for the year. There will be free food and games, as well as information about our upcoming events.

When: Friday, Sept. 9, 4-6 pm

Where: W. College Theme Houses, corner of College and McDonough

PS Rumor has it that there will be scones. Get pumped.


Meet Megan!

5 Sep

Megan playing air guitar

Major: Political Science
Minor: Organizational Management

About me: I’m Megan, the ray of California sunshine in this house. I’m addicted to makeup, television, nail polish, and country music. Emma says that she thinks I’m the love child of Uncle Jesse from Full House and Rachel Greene from Friends. And I completely agree with her. And I wish I could sing more than anything else in the world.

Mythological figure: I chose Aphrodite. She is the goddess of love and beauty. And since I’m addicted to makeup, and I love love, I figured it was a pretty awesome match… despite the fact that she is sometimes characterized as vain and ill-tempered. Which describes me on a bad day.

Relationship to my goals this semester: I really plan on getting out more, being with people I love and looking good doing it. :] (And of course also making grades, if my mother is reading this).

Meet Jess

5 Sep

Year: Sophomore

Major: Classics Minors: Film Studies

About Me: Think of me as the token theme house classics major in the house 😀 . I am a bit of a film fanatic and enjoy watching all sorts, including silent, classic and cheesy horror films like “Killer Klowns from Outer Space”. I enjoy reading Batman graphic novels. I LOVE bulldogs (not the team, the actual animal). I spend a lot of time listening to soft rock love songs, you know the type you hear on the Delilah show late nights. I enjoy getting engrossed in intense book series, right now its “A Song of Ice and Fire”. I am a huge fan of Khal Drogo ❤ . A weird thing about me is that I sometimes joke around that I’m the female Indiana Jones, a librarian/scholar by day and an agent by night searching for rare pieces of film. My arch nemesis would be the “Evil Dr. Meow” a sphinx cat dressed as a clown (terrifying right). One of my favorite activities is to break out in song or dance the tango down the street.

Mythological Figure: I’m Persephone, the goddess of spring and wife of Hades. I chose Persephone because of her inner strength and connection to nature and the seasons. I’m such a huge fan of the myth that I end up reading any interpretation made. The Hades-Persephone myth is often seen as a rape, horror story but I like to think of it as a marriage of convenience that turned into love. I like to think that she had the choice to escape from the underworld at any time but chose to stay there because of her freedom. I often identify with her struggles to balance out the multiple aspects of our lives and the desire for freedom from sheltered lives. She may not be one of the Olympians, but her myth alone is epic because it represents the coming of seasons.

How this relates to semester goals: I’ve always been fascinated with Ancient Greece and Rome and enjoy being a classics major Woot! I’m originally from Massachusetts and get homesick very often, but when I’m at Agnes I feel that I start to begin a second life. It’s always a struggle to be far from home, but this semester I’m going to try to hone in my inner Persephone and find a balance between my two lives as she does with her mother Demeter, and husband Hades. Next year I am planning on studying abroad in Greece and I hope I can learn tons more about myths.

Meet Katherine

5 Sep

Year: Sophomore

Interests: Philosophy, Film, German, Political Science (no major yet, I’m indecisive)

About Me: Just thinking about the movie Up makes me cry. I wanted to be a pastry chef for a large swath of my adolescence. I name all my dresses. I really love K-dramas.

Mythological Figure: I chose Psyche as my goddess. There’s a complicated explanation for why I chose Psyche, but the short of it is that I once played Psyche in a rather hellish school play. Ever since then I have felt a particular kinship with the mortal-turned-goddess. I appreciate her curiosity. After all, who would not want to know what their husband looked like. She is symbolized by a butterfly and represents the soul. She fought with the gods and won… sort of.

How this relates to my semester goals: I am very reserved, to say the least. I want to branch out this semester and get involved on campus. I feel that I can use Psyche’s story as an inspiration in this quest. After all, she had to climb down her protected mountain and face the underworld, and anything I encounter can’t be that extreme.

Meet Yitian.

1 Sep

Yitian doing Monkey King Pose

Year: Junior

Major: Biology and Mathematics

About Me: I used to be pretty active, going out doing sports work out etc. But as my hair grew to that long (like in the picture) it kind of prevented me from doing anything (well okay this is a lame excuse). Instead I stay in front of my computer a lot. My favorite game is plants vs. zombie, I love the sunflowers they are so cute! I don’t miss a single episode of Detective Conan, Desperate Housewives or The Big Bang Theory. I also love Bones, except that they find a person guilty merely based on DNA tests bothers me almost every episode (DNA tests are extremely unreliable and there are fairly high possibilities for two people to have the same test results).

Mythological Figure: I’m Demeter, the agricultural goddess! I love how everything grows from as small as a cell to pretty much everything alive we see. This is the magical power I adore and respect most. I’m guessing that this is a very loving and caring goddess which is exactly the kind of person I wish to be.

How this relates this to my semester goals: I was once in a classics class at Agnes. It was a fantastic class about women in ancient world. However, I dropped the class two weeks after because there were too many reference of ancient western culture that were so natural for everyone else but me. I hope to know more about Western Classics, and share my knowledge of Eastern Classic cultures with my friends and all other Scotties! This relates to Demeter because expanding my knowledge will help me grow as a person!

Meet Emma.

31 Aug

Halloween 2010, Emma as Pineapple

Year: Junior

Major: Art History, Minors: English Literature and Classical Civilizations*

About me: The fact Agnes Scott’s colors are black and purple was a major factor in my college decision. I have mega-crushes on Cary Grant, Sandro Botticelli and Virginia Woolf. I will purchase any tchotchke from Ross as long as it is peacock themed. In my headcanon of my own life, I am the lovechild of Zooey Deschanel and Snow White. My all-time favorite song is “Hey Ya” by Outkast. I am known to have anxiety attacks over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Mythological Figure: For my identifying mythological figure, I chose Hestia. Hestia was one of the Olympians, though sometimes she gets removed for Dionysus. She is the goddess of the hearth and home, and always gets the sacrifice first at those in the home. Because she was always attending the hearth, poor Hestia didn’t go gallivanting about like all the other gods. But she was still really kickass. Because everyone has a home, she gets worshiped a whole lot.

How this relates to my goals this year: I am headed to Florence, Italy (!) during the spring semester. This is super exciting, but it also means I only get to live in the theme house for a semester. So during this fall semester, I really want to focus on the house. I want to take part in all the events we plan, and keep up with the blog. I also really want to stretch my roots deep here in Atlanta before I head off to Florence.  So in the terms of Hestia, I want to tend my own hearth. I want to spend as much time with my friends and family as possible and I want to experience everything at Agnes to the fullest. Part of this may be preparing for the realization that once I get back from Florence I only have one year left before I graduate. For me, this not only means one more year at Agnes, but also the possibility of only one more year in and around Atlanta, the only metropolitan center I’ve ever lived around.

*Subject to change. (I shouldn’t be able to say that as a junior, should I?)

Meet Maddye.

31 Aug

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology

Aboard a tiger at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Ind.

About Me: I will wear anything that is nautical themed (yes, even this). The Spice Girls are still my favorite band and I eat more popcorn than what is healthy. I like owls.

Mythological figure: As our first activity, we were all supposed to choose a (Greek) mythological figure to serve as our “patron” figure for the year. Bonus points if they are somehow associated with your year-long goals, which we all set this week. I chose the goddess Hecate, who is the goddess of witchcraft and crossroads (more on the character of Hecate later). This selection was not so practical (I chose last) and is admittedly rather whimsical. Why Hecate? What the hell does this have to do with what I hope to accomplish this year?

Firstly, one of my goals is to become Willow Rosenberg (jk – already done). Like many people my age, I constantly changing. I find myself at a crossroads with every decision that I make, particularly with those related to my education. I recently (read: spring finals) decided to change my major from History to Psychology. This is both scary and exciting for me – I’m fascinated by Psych and all of the possibilities this path will give me, but I’m terrified of letting go of my plan. I hope that choosing this goddess who is symbolic of physical and metaphorical crossroads will help me stay level headed and make good decisions. And if it helps me to perfect my Patronus, even better.