Meet Jess

5 Sep

Year: Sophomore

Major: Classics Minors: Film Studies

About Me: Think of me as the token theme house classics major in the house 😀 . I am a bit of a film fanatic and enjoy watching all sorts, including silent, classic and cheesy horror films like “Killer Klowns from Outer Space”. I enjoy reading Batman graphic novels. I LOVE bulldogs (not the team, the actual animal). I spend a lot of time listening to soft rock love songs, you know the type you hear on the Delilah show late nights. I enjoy getting engrossed in intense book series, right now its “A Song of Ice and Fire”. I am a huge fan of Khal Drogo ❤ . A weird thing about me is that I sometimes joke around that I’m the female Indiana Jones, a librarian/scholar by day and an agent by night searching for rare pieces of film. My arch nemesis would be the “Evil Dr. Meow” a sphinx cat dressed as a clown (terrifying right). One of my favorite activities is to break out in song or dance the tango down the street.

Mythological Figure: I’m Persephone, the goddess of spring and wife of Hades. I chose Persephone because of her inner strength and connection to nature and the seasons. I’m such a huge fan of the myth that I end up reading any interpretation made. The Hades-Persephone myth is often seen as a rape, horror story but I like to think of it as a marriage of convenience that turned into love. I like to think that she had the choice to escape from the underworld at any time but chose to stay there because of her freedom. I often identify with her struggles to balance out the multiple aspects of our lives and the desire for freedom from sheltered lives. She may not be one of the Olympians, but her myth alone is epic because it represents the coming of seasons.

How this relates to semester goals: I’ve always been fascinated with Ancient Greece and Rome and enjoy being a classics major Woot! I’m originally from Massachusetts and get homesick very often, but when I’m at Agnes I feel that I start to begin a second life. It’s always a struggle to be far from home, but this semester I’m going to try to hone in my inner Persephone and find a balance between my two lives as she does with her mother Demeter, and husband Hades. Next year I am planning on studying abroad in Greece and I hope I can learn tons more about myths.


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