Meet Katherine

5 Sep

Year: Sophomore

Interests: Philosophy, Film, German, Political Science (no major yet, I’m indecisive)

About Me: Just thinking about the movie Up makes me cry. I wanted to be a pastry chef for a large swath of my adolescence. I name all my dresses. I really love K-dramas.

Mythological Figure: I chose Psyche as my goddess. There’s a complicated explanation for why I chose Psyche, but the short of it is that I once played Psyche in a rather hellish school play. Ever since then I have felt a particular kinship with the mortal-turned-goddess. I appreciate her curiosity. After all, who would not want to know what their husband looked like. She is symbolized by a butterfly and represents the soul. She fought with the gods and won… sort of.

How this relates to my semester goals: I am very reserved, to say the least. I want to branch out this semester and get involved on campus. I feel that I can use Psyche’s story as an inspiration in this quest. After all, she had to climb down her protected mountain and face the underworld, and anything I encounter can’t be that extreme.


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