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Meet Jess

5 Sep

Year: Sophomore

Major: Classics Minors: Film Studies

About Me: Think of me as the token theme house classics major¬†in the house ūüėÄ .¬†I am a bit of a film fanatic and¬†enjoy watching all sorts, including silent, classic and cheesy horror films like “Killer Klowns¬†from Outer Space”. I¬†enjoy reading Batman¬†graphic novels. I LOVE bulldogs (not the team, the actual animal). I spend a lot of time¬†listening¬†to¬†soft rock love songs, you know the type you hear on the Delilah show late nights. I enjoy getting engrossed in intense book series, right now its “A Song of¬†Ice and Fire”. I am a huge fan of Khal¬†Drogo ‚̧ . A weird thing about me is that I sometimes joke around that I’m the female Indiana Jones, a librarian/scholar by day and an agent by night searching for rare pieces of film. My arch nemesis would be the “Evil Dr. Meow” a sphinx cat dressed as a clown (terrifying right). One of my favorite activities is to break out in song or dance the tango down the street.

Mythological Figure: I’m Persephone, the goddess of spring and wife of Hades.¬†I chose Persephone because of her inner strength and connection to nature and the seasons. I’m such a huge fan of the myth that I end up reading any interpretation made.¬†The¬†Hades-Persephone myth is often seen as a rape, horror story but¬†I like to think of¬†it as a marriage of convenience¬†that turned into love. I like to think that she had the choice to escape from the underworld at any time but¬†chose to stay there because of her freedom.¬†I¬†often identify with her struggles to balance¬†out the multiple aspects of our lives and the desire for freedom from sheltered lives.¬†She may not be one of the Olympians, but her myth alone is epic because it¬†represents the coming of seasons.

How this relates to semester goals: I’ve always been fascinated with Ancient Greece and Rome and enjoy being a classics major Woot! I’m originally from Massachusetts and get homesick very often, but when I’m at Agnes I feel that I start to begin a second life. It’s always a struggle to be far from home, but this semester I’m going to try to hone in my inner Persephone and find a balance between my two lives as she does with her mother Demeter, and husband Hades. Next year I am planning on studying abroad in Greece and I hope I can learn tons more about myths.