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Meet Yitian.

1 Sep

Yitian doing Monkey King Pose

Year: Junior

Major: Biology and Mathematics

About Me: I used to be pretty active, going out doing sports work out etc. But as my hair grew to that long (like in the picture) it kind of prevented me from doing anything (well okay this is a lame excuse). Instead I stay in front of my computer a lot. My favorite game is plants vs. zombie, I love the sunflowers they are so cute! I don’t miss a single episode of Detective Conan, Desperate Housewives or The Big Bang Theory. I also love Bones, except that they find a person guilty merely based on DNA tests bothers me almost every episode (DNA tests are extremely unreliable and there are fairly high possibilities for two people to have the same test results).

Mythological Figure: I’m Demeter, the agricultural goddess! I love how everything grows from as small as a cell to pretty much everything alive we see. This is the magical power I adore and respect most. I’m guessing that this is a very loving and caring goddess which is exactly the kind of person I wish to be.

How this relates this to my semester goals: I was once in a classics class at Agnes. It was a fantastic class about women in ancient world. However, I dropped the class two weeks after because there were too many reference of ancient western culture that were so natural for everyone else but me. I hope to know more about Western Classics, and share my knowledge of Eastern Classic cultures with my friends and all other Scotties! This relates to Demeter because expanding my knowledge will help me grow as a person!